About Puri

Puri is a coastal town on the eastern part of Odisha, India. This place needs no introduction, being the abode of Lord Vishnu, most popularly known as Lord Jagannath. One of the four sacred pilgrimage centres of India.

Being in close proximity to the Bay of Bengal, this place has tropical climate. The summers are from March to June, monsoons from June to September and winters are from October to February. The minimum temperature of the place is approximately 20 degrees Celsius and the maximum 35-40 degrees Celsius.

Handicraft and cottage industries of this District is famous the world over, its original source being the temple craft of Lord Jagannath and the Sun Temple at Konark. The rich traditional culture and heritage of Puri gives a boost to this industry. The important products of this industry are in applique, stone carving, patta chitra, wood carving, modern patch work, terracotta, bell metal, and sea shell items etc. The place its part has imparted training and upgraded the skill of the traditional artisan families and other economically weaker sections of the people, thus improving their per capita income. It has introduced many promotional schemes and also promotes handicraft training schools and coir training centers etc.